Brand New Ticketing Customer Journeys, Digitalisation, Payment & Resale Tactics For Seamless, Customer-Centric, Revenue-Generating Ticketing Strategies

22 May 2024 | Central London

08.15 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.20 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Craig Fletcher, Global Head of Revenue Management, Merlin Entertainments

Marion Veber, Director of New Products & Ancillary Revenues, Eurostar

Customer-Centric Journeys & Experiences To Drive Revenue

09.30 Elevate Revenue & Eliminate Friction By Powering Seamless, Customisable & Scalable Customer Journeys & Experiences In Ticketing

  • Deep dive into your customers journeys and the significance of putting the customer at the centre of your ticketing experience strategies in order to see real and lasting impact on revenue generation
  • Map exceptional customer journeys and pinpoint the crucial touchpoints from discovery to post-event engagement, and their role in shaping the overall experience
  • Utilise new data insight and behaviour analytics to truly understand your customer preferences, buying patterns, and engagement levels to inform future tailored and personalised strategies
  • Showcase real-world lessons learned and strategies where customer-centric approaches have been successfully implemented and driven sky-high revenue

Nadia Shahrestani, Head of Stadium Revenue, Chelsea Football Club

AI, New Tech & Automation For Growth

09.50 Maximise Brand New & Cutting-Edge Technologies To Shape Ticketing Experiences For Your Customers & Ensure Seamless & Secure Transactions In Digital Ticketing

  • How can blockchain and smart contracts support your ticketing strategies? Explore how blockchain technologies are transforming the ticketing industry by enhancing security, customer transparency, and assisting to eliminate fraud and security breaches
  • Deep dive into augmented reality and its potential impact on ticketing strategies to showcase the potential of AR in providing interactive and immersive ticketing experiences in 2024 and beyond
  • Maximise the new frontier in security and enhance your security and fraud prevention strategies with biometric ticketing
  • Examine the role AI can play in predicting your customer preferences, optimising ticket sales, and enhancing experiences on the day itself

10.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Satisfi Labs:

Front Row With AI: Shaping The New Era Of Ticketing & Venue Hospitality

Matt Rothman, International Business Development, Satisfi Labs

Vikram Rajkumar, Account Director, Satisfi Labs

10.25 Morning Refreshment Break & Informal Networking

10.55 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Digital Tickets & Mobiles: New Innovations & Monestisation

Double Perspective

11.10 Revolutionise Your Ticketing Strategies By Embracing The Brand New Frontiers With Digital Tickets & Mobile Innovations

  • Examine and navigate the evolving landscape of digital ticketing and its increased adoption, the current state of the industry from hot new mobile trends to the limitations and challenges of traditional paper-based systems
  • Mobile saturation and its lasting impact: explore the global penetration and influence of mobile on the shift towards digital ticketing from the benefits of mobile applications, user-friendly interfaces, and possibilities of personalisation
  • Tackle the increasing complexities and costs which come alongside driving digital ticketing strategies and how to showcase real and powerful impact
  • Critical questions, answered: what are the latest trends around mobile ticketing? How can you tackle fraud prevention and the prevention of ticket touting activities? What are potential security solutions when driving digital strategies in 2024 and beyond?

Perspective 1: Samuel Boyden, Ticketing Manager, England Netball

Perspective 2: Jean-Marie Tardy, Ticketing Project Manager, FIFA

Brand New & Winning Customer Journeys & Experiences

Panel & Q&A

11.30 Create Customer-Centric & Seamless Ticketing Journeys & Experiences, Drive Revenue

  • Showcase real-world insights and examples of user-friendly interfaces which can cater to individual customer preferences, making the ticket-buying processes increasingly tailored, intuitive, and seamless
  • Highlight the impact mobile optimisation and accessibility features can have when ensuring seamless experiences across different devices and user needs
  • Multi-channel integration: explore the benefits of integrating ticketing across various channels, from websites, mobile apps and social to reach wider audiences and deliver real results

Nadia Shahrestani, Head of Stadium Revenue, Chelsea Football Club

Jamie Snelgrove, Head of Business Development, Society of London Theatre / UK Theatre

James Beardsworth-Shaw, Head of Commercial Services, The National Gallery

Justin Giles, Head of Ticketing and Sales, Shakespeare’s Globe  

Secondary Market, Resale & Touting

12.10 Navigating The Secondary Market: Brand New Trends, Insights & Strategies For Ticket Resale, Fraud & Tout

  • Examine the significance of the secondary market in the broader ticketing landscape, from prominent players, resale platforms, and the impact upon ticket distribution
  • Explore the potential economic factors that contribute to the increasing growth of the secondary ticket market, including tackling supply and demand dynamics
  • Tackle price inflation and consumer impact by determining the challenges associated with price inflation on secondary markets and the effect on consumer trust and satisfaction

Chris Parkinson, Head of Ticketing, Burnley FC

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.00 Peer-To-Peer Informal Discussion Groups

a) Accessibility

Jamie Snelgrove, Head of Business Development, Society of London Theatre / UK Theatre

b) Subscription Models

c) Inventory Management

Hugh Gledhill, Marketing Strategy Director, Layered Reality

13.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Craig Fletcher, Global Head of Revenue Management, Merlin Entertainments

Marion Veber, Director of New Products & Ancillary Revenues, Eurostar

Optimising Dynamic Pricing To Enhance Revenue Growth

Panel & Q&A

13.50 Uncover Emerging Insights & Trends Which Can Inform Dynamic Pricing Innovations, Leverage Market Forces & Adoption Insights To Enhance Overall Customer & Fan Experiences

  • Determine how dynamic pricing models are being employed to address concerns about price inflation and ensure fair market value across the ticketing ecosystem
  • Balancing affordability and revenue goals: discuss the challenge of finding the right balance between maximising revenue and ensuring affordability for fans and customers
  • Explore the importance of managing fan and customer perception when communicating dynamic pricing strategies in 2024 and beyond

Hugh Gledhill, Marketing Strategy Director, Layered Reality

Samantha Bailey, Head of Premium Sales, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Nigel Shipley, Head of Commercial Performance, ODEON Cinemas Group

Sarah Drabwell, General Manager – Sandown Park, Sandown Park – The Jockey Club

Matt Clarke, Head of Ticketing, WRU Welsh Rugby Union

Hannah Hughes, Director of Audiences, Leeds Playhouse

Payments: Exploring Future Trends In Ticketing

14.30 Seamlessly Integrate Brand New Payment Strategies Into Your Existing Ticketing Applications To Continue Building User-Friendly Experiences For Your Customers

  • Discuss the adoption of contactless and NFT technologies in ticketing transactions and how you can leverage these for experience-boosting results
  • How will digital wallets continue to impact ticket purchasing and experiences and the overall ticketing ecosystem in 2024 and beyond?
  • Explore the latest industry trends to streamline your payment processes, from one-click payments to express checkout options

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break & Informal Networking

Robust Data & CRM

15.50 Unleash CRM Strategies & Leverage Data Analytics & Insights In Ticketing To Power Data-Driven Decision-Making

  • Identify relevant KPIs to accurately measure the success and lasting impact of customer-centric ticketing strategies from conversion rates to customer satisfaction and retention
  • Examine the pivotal role data can play to shape and update ticketing strategies and enhance customer experiences with meaningful insights
  • Seamlessly integrate CRM systems with ticketing platforms for a holistic view of customer interactions which streamlines processes and enhances efficiencies

Audience Behaviours & Insights

16.10 Decoding Audiences: Unveiling Audience Behaviours & Insights In Ticketing

  • Discuss and debate the increasing shifts and trends in audience behaviours within the ticketing industry, from sociocultural and technological influences
  • Highlight the importance of recognising and optimising a variety of customer touchpoints where your target audiences are known to interact with your ticketing services
  • Determine the value of real-time monitoring and how you can track audience behaviours throughout their journeys, and adjust your strategies accordingly to power truly customer-centric experiences

Anne-Lise Johnsen Robb, Head of Marketing Insight & Campaigns, Norges Fotballforbund

Ben Ebbrell, Co-Founder & Director, SORTED Food

16.30 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Craig Fletcher, Global Head of Revenue Management, Merlin Entertainments

Marion Veber, Director of New Products & Ancillary Revenues, Eurostar